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Profile VOX company is part of the VOX Capital Group. We are a manufacturer and distributor of interior and home finishing products. We specialize in decorative wall systems, flooring, skirting boards, window sills and facade claddings.

On the website, you will learn about the products of two brands: VOX and Vilo.

We have 4 factories : in Poland (Poznań, Czarnków), Romania (Valcea) and India (Bangalore). This totals more than 1500 employees.


VOX around the world

You can find interiors decorated with our products all over the world. From India, through Mexico, to Dubai and most European countries. VOX products are present in more than 60 countries. Contact with customers representing different lifestyles and cultures allows us to create thoughtful and versatile interior solutions.

Freedom begins at home

We exist to design products and services that allow you to create personal interiors. VOX is a brand with which everyone can create their dream home. And in such a home, everything that matters - freedom, happiness and self-esteem - begins.

We believe that what matters in interiors are the needs and lifestyles of the homeowners. Following them, together with the best Polish designers we create everything necessary to furnish a dream home. These are original, functional and stylistically matching collections of floors, doors, decorative walls, furniture and accessories. That is why our most important product is a complete, individually tailored interior or home.

Your home, as new. It’s that simple!

Vilo is a brand from homes and flats finishing industry. It combines good design with affordable price. Vilo offer includes decorative walls, doors, laminate flooring, underlays, skirting boards and internal windowsills.

These are matched products for quick and independent home renovation. They are available both in DIY stores and in traditional trade.