Our brands

In VOX we believe that true
freedom begins at home and how
we live greatly affects our lives.

VOX is one of the most innovative brands involved in designing, manufacturing and distributing furniture, home furnishings and building materials in Europe.
The VOX brand is for many a symbol of independence, originality and creativity in European design and business. For more than 30 years the Voelkel family, who established the brand, has been strongly connected with the artistic community, has promoted a modern approach to design, invested in education, and developed companies based on the
knowledge of man, his needs and most advanced technologies.

Your home, as new.
It’s that simple!

Vilo is a brand from homes and flats finishing industry. It combines
good design with affordable price. Vilo offer includes decorative
walls, doors, laminate flooring, underlays, skirting boards and
internal windowsills.

Planning a renovation? Settling into a new place?
Or maybe you just need a change?

With Vilo products you can change your place on your own:
affordable, quick and easy. And the effects will be unique